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Set 2.5mm Yellow Sapphire

Set 2.5mm Yellow Sapphire

2.5mm Yellow Sapphire

Ref: YSAPP25

Dispatched in 10 to 14 Working days


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Set 2.5mm Yellow Sapphire

This service is to set a 2.5mm yellow sapphire gemstone into one of our titanium rings prefixed TI.

This 2.5mm yellow sapphire gemstone is only suitable for titanium court rings 5mm and wider and titanium flat rings 4mm and wider.

The ring pictured is TI06 a 6mm titanium court ring set with a 2.5 mm yellow sapphire gemstone.

Specification :

Specification for Set 2.5mm Yellow Sapphire

Brand : Titan Jewellery

Product Name : 2.5mm Yellow Sapphire

Ring : YSAPP25

Ring Size : 2.5mm

Gemstone : Yellow Sapphire

Jewellery Item : Ring

Jewellery Theme : Gemstone Setting

Width : 2.5mm

Disclaimer : All measurements, sizes and weights published for this Set 2.5mm Yellow Sapphire are deemed to be approximate.


Set 2.5mm Yellow Sapphire Terms & Conditions

Returns Fee

Please note that this is a special order service and any work will be carried out to your own requirements. For this reason it is unlikely that we would be able to resell the ring if returned to us for an exchange or refund for this reason if the ring is returned to us for an exchange or refund we will charge a 30% fee. This will enable us to sell the product as a sale item.


Please note that all gemstones are natural products and as with any gemstones may include inclusions if the gemstone is viewed under magnification. This is normal and does not represent a fault with the gemstones.

The images of our gemstones have not been enhanced in any way, however they have been photographed under studio lighting so may appear lighter in the image than in normal lighting conditions.


Our diamonds are of SI clarity which means slightly included and will be hard to see any inclusions. This clarity is of a better clarity that is normally set in mass produced jewellery. All of our diamonds are sourced from legitimate sources and are guaranteed not to be conflict diamonds.

View before you Commit

We understand that you may wish to view the ring and gemstone prior to committing to having the gemstone set. For this reason we are happy for you to purchase the ring and service and receive both the ring and loose gemstone to view. You may then return for either a full refund if not suitable or return to continue with the setting work. Our 30% returns fee is only applicable once we have set the ring so, if you are unsure about your choice then we would strongly advise viewing prior to us setting the gemstone.


The setting work is carried out in our own workshop by our own setter. Setting work takes approximately 10 to 14 Working days from time of order to dispatch. This timescale will increase in November and December so please order early.

Customer Questions

Q Can you set a diamond in to my own ring if I send it to you?

A I am afraid that we are only able to set our own range of silver wedding rings, and titanium rings TI03 to TI21.

Q Can you set my own gemstones in one of your rings?

A I am afraid that we can only set our own gemstones into our rings. Titanium is incredibly difficult to set gemstones into. For this reason we have to ensure that any gemstones are the exact size of our setting equipment to ensure a perfect fit.

Q I would like 3 blue topaz gemstones set across the top of your 5mm court ringis this possible.

A This is certainly possible we can carry out multiple stone stone setting to your requirements and can source other gemstones as well. We are always happy to give you a no obligation quotation.

Q I would like to buy a 3mm titanium court ring but would like a pink sapphire which is not listed as available is this still possible?

A This is indeed possible you would need to order the 2.5mm pink sapphire along with the 3mm titanium ring and then include in your order notes that you require a smaller gemstone.

Diamond, and Coloured Gemstone Setting Service

Diamond, and Gemstone Setting Service

We are able to set a Diamond, or a coloured gemstome in to this Set 2.5mm Yellow Sapphire in our workshop.

Most of our Titan Jewellery branded Rings are suitable for this service.

Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner

Titan Jewellery #SBS Winner

Our Titan Jewellery range has won the Theo paphitis #SBS award for the great products within the range, including this Set 2.5mm Yellow Sapphire.