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Tungsten Black Stripe Ring

Tungsten Black Stripe Ring

Black Strip Tungsten Ring

Ref: TURM19

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UK Sizes R to Z in stock


Tungsten Black Stripe Ring
Made from scratch-resistant tungsten carbide, this men's tungsten ring gives the impression of three separate bands nestled together.
The two outer bands each measure 2.5mm wide, and have a high polished finish, in stark contrast to the central bands black finish, which itself measures 5mm in width. This men's tungsten ring stands at 2.5mm in depth.

A discreet laser-engraving of the words "Tungsten Carbide" adorn the interior.
Available in UK sizes R to Z, this tungsten ring is currently being discontinued, as a result all advertised sizes are offered while
Stocks last.

Specification :

Specification for Tungsten Black Stripe Ring

Brand : Titan Jewellery

Product Name : Black Strip Tungsten Ring

Ring : TURM19

Jewellery Item : Ring

Made From : Tungsten Carbide

Ring Width : 9mm

UK Finger Sizes : R to Z

Jewellery Theme : Wedding Ring

Depth : 2.5mm

Markings : Tungsten Carbide

Additional notes about Tungsten Black Stripe Ring

This ring is discontinued. Any out of stock sizes will not be restocked.

Disclaimer : All measurements, sizes and weights published for this Tungsten Black Stripe Ring are deemed to be approximate.


Tungsten Black Stripe Ring Packaging Options

Tungsten Carbide Slim Ring Box

The Slim Unbranded Ring Box

The Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring will be packaged in a slim ring box when either 1st Class, or Free UK Delivery is chosen as your delivery option. The unbranded slim ring box allows us to send the Tungsten Black Stripe Ring for a cheaper rate with Royal Mail's new priced by proportion policy. This allows us to maintain a subsidised 1st class, and free delivery service.

Tungsten Black Stripe Ring Ring Box

Tungsten Carbide Branded Ring Box

(Special Delivery and International Delivery)

The Tungsten Carbide Ring will arrive in a Tungsten Carbide branded ring box when Special Delivery, or International Delivery is chosen as your delivery option.

Please note that we are not able to package the Tungsten Black Stripe Ring in the Tungsten Carbide branded ring box if you have opted for Free Delivery or 1st Class Delivery as the Tungsten Carbide ring box is wider than the 25mm limit set by Royal Mail.

Our Black Strip Tungsten Ring is made from Tungsten Carbide

Our Tungsten Black Stripe Ring is made from a fabulous tough material called tungsten carbide which is extremely tough and resilient in normal wear, making it a great choice for men in tough manual jobs.

The Black Strip Tungsten Ring is tougher than natural sapphire gemstones making it extremely scratch resistant meaning it will outlast the look of other materials such as gold, silver or platinum.

Tungsten carbide rings, although classed as a white metal, do have more of a grey colour to it similar to platinum. If you are after a bright white colour similar to white gold then our Cobalt Rings may be better suited.

Tungsten rings are so hard that it is not possible to resize them, although we are happy to exchange this Tungsten Black Stripe Ring under our normal 30 day returns policy.

Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner

Titan Jewellery #SBS Winner

Our Titan Jewellery range has won the Theo paphitis #SBS award for the great products within the range, including this Tungsten Black Stripe Ring.