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TItan Jewellery branded items , are items commissioned by us in a range of various metals.
In this section you will find mainly mens jewellery , consisting of cobalt, tungsten, titanium, zirconia ceramoc and cobalt rings. Many of these are relatively new materials in the jewellery market and are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability and lower price. We pride ourselves that we are able to offer many styles and a vast range of sizes.There are also wonderful titanium bracelets in this section, as well as a stone setting service on our range titanium rings.

All Titan Jewellery branded rings and bracelets are ones we select for value and quality, and are in stock for a fast dispatch. Branded or unbranded boxes are available depending on the method of delivery you pick.

Many of our designs are also available in large finger sizes, and are also able to be engraved in our own workshop.

Our Titan-Jewellery has been rated 10 out of 10 based upon more than 98 customer reviews.