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Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag

Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag

Men's Titanium Dog Tag

Ref: TP325

18" to 22"
93.95 - 168.95


Inca Style and Length

Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag
A very masculine Ti2 titanium dog tag supplied on a choice of 3 different titanium chains, and lengths.

The durability, strength and hypoallergenic qualities of titanium are complimented here by it's wonderful lustre. The approximate measurements of this titanium dog tag are : 35mm long x 19mm wide.

The titanium chain is available in your choice of 18", 20" or 22" lengths as standard, however other lengths may be available upon request. We do find that the 20" is the most popular length of titanium chain selected with the dog tag, however we are starting see an increase in the 22" length, as well as some special orders for longer lengths.

Our most popular combination is the 4mm Venetian Inca in a 20 inch length.

The titanium dog tag is pictured on the 4.0mm titanium Venetian Inca chain (CH070) which is the most popular choice, and in our opinion the best suited chain for the titanium dog tag. The 2.7mm titanium Venetian Inca chain is exactly the same as the 4.0mm version, just a little lighter.

The Titanium Ball chain is the style that is most commonly seen on men's dog tags, however does actually seem to be the least popular choice with this dog tag.

For more information on each of the titanium necklaces you may click on each of them below for more details on individual titanium necklaces.

. The most common gents size ordered in these chains is a 20" length. There is also plenty of room for engraving on this dog tag, though unfortunately this is not a service we can offer at present. This really is a splendid piece of titanium jewellery, and still quite hard to find in the High Street.

Specification :

Specification for Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag

Brand : Ti2

Product Name : Men's Titanium Dog Tag

Ring : TP325

Jewellery Item : Ring

Made From : Titanium

Jewellery Theme : Titanium Chains

Length : 18" 20" 22" other lengths available upon request

Width : 19mm

Depth : 2.0mm

Height : 35mm

Markings : Titanium discreetly marked on back

Additional notes about Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag

Will fit most titanium necklaces up to 5.0mm

Disclaimer : All measurements, sizes and weights published for this Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag are deemed to be approximate.


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Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag will arrive in a Ti2 branded necklace box

Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag is eligible for Free UK Delivery

Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag Packaging

The Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag will arrive in a Ti2 branded Ring box with either blue, or orange detail.

The boxes are supplied to us in batches so we may have a run of one colour, and then the other. If you would prefer the Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag to arrive in a specific colour box, then please let us know during the checkout stage. Although we can not guarantee a specific colour for the Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag, we will try our best. The chain shown on the packaging is the titanium milled curb chain.

Ti2 Ring LogoMen's Titanium Dog Tag

The Ti2 Titanium Dog Tag is made from commercially pure titanium

The Men's Titanium Dog Tag is made from commercially pure (98%-99% Pure) titanium which is both very lightweight, and completely hypoallergenic. It is also an inert metal which means that the Ring will not tarnish in wear, or be effected by chemicals such as chlorine, so is ideal for sports such as swimming.

The Men's Titanium Dog Tag is made by Prism Design under their own branding of Ti2 Titanium, which is made here in the UK.

We are official stockists of Ti2 so are able to obtain any product from Ti2, even if it is not available on the website. All Ti2 products are made to order, usually in about 5 to 7 Working Days.