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Titanium Cylinder Link Bracelet

Titanium Cylinder Link Bracelet

Cylinder Link Titanium Bracelet

Ref: TIB05

Dispatched in 1 to 2 Working Days


Titanium Cylinder Link Bracelet
A modern titanium bracelet which will fit the average man's wrist. This fabulous titanium bracelet is approximately 8 1/2 " in length.

The titanium bracelet comprises of titanium tube links of 2 different sizes which alternate through the bracelet threaded on a strong black elastic cord. One tube link is approx 7mm long with the next being 15mm, and this continues through the bracelet.

This titanium bracelet has a carabine clasp fastening, and is made of Ta2 grade Titanium, which has a purity of 98% to 99%. This bracelet is the natural colour of titanium, and has a high polish finish.

The end link is stamped Titanium, with our logo which matches the titanium logo within our titanium rings, and in our Titanium gift boxes.

The approximate meaurements are : weight 28.2g, diameter of tube links 6.5mm, length 21.5cm (8.5").

Specification :

Specification for Titanium Cylinder Link Bracelet

Brand : Titan Jewellery

Product Name : Cylinder Link Titanium Bracelet

Ring : TIB05

Jewellery Item : Ring

Made From : Titanium

Jewellery Theme : Mens Titanium Jewellery

Length : 21.5 cm

Width : 6.5mm

Depth : 6.5mm

Weight (approx) : 28.2 grams

Markings : Titanium logo

Disclaimer : All measurements, sizes and weights published for this Titanium Cylinder Link Bracelet are deemed to be approximate.


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Cylinder Link Titanium Bracelet will arrive in a Titanium branded Silver Ring box

Cylinder Link Titanium Bracelet Packaging

Titanium Cylinder Link Bracelet is supplied in a titanium branded square bangle box as pictured, or a long titanium branded bracelet box.

The titanium logo on the branded box, is also the same titanium logo marked on the Cylinder Link Titanium Bracelet

Our range of Titanium Bangles & Bracelets

Cylinder Link Titanium Bracelet

The Titanium Cylinder Link Bracelet is made from commercially pure titanium classed as 98% to 99% pure titanium. The Titanium Cylinder Link Bracelet is very light, weighing just 28.2 grams for the Ring.

As well as being lightweight, titanium is also hypoallergenic making this Cylinder Link Titanium Bracelet an ideal choice for anyone with any type of metal allergy, or sensitive skin.

The Titanium Cylinder Link Bracelet can also be complemented by one of our titanium rings.

Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner

Titan Jewellery #SBS Winner

Our Titan Jewellery range has won the Theo paphitis #SBS award for the great products within the range, including this Titanium Cylinder Link Bracelet.