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Materials Information


Tungsten Carbide is an extremely tough material used to manufacture men's wedding rings. In normal wearing conditions, tungsten carbide is extremely scratch resistant and exceptionally tough. Tungsten carbide may only be scratched by diamonds, diamond tipped work tools and items of a similar strength to diamonds.

Although extremely tough in wear, tungsten carbide can be brittle at high impact on a tough surface; a hard fall on a tiled kitchen floor, may if you are unlucky chip or break the ring.

Our tungsten carbide rings use a nickel binder, which is far superior to cobalt used in cheaper rings. Although nickel is used, the levels are so low that they are unlikely to cause a metal allergy in sensitive people and conform to the EU Nickel Directive.

Tungsten Carbide is a very dense metal so in comparison to silver, gold or titanium the ring will be many times heavier.

Tungsten Carbide is such a tough material that it is not possible to resize or adjust tungsten carbide rings.


Titanium a greyish in colour metal is extremely light, but very strong. Weighing 4 times less than steel, but just as strong, it is unlikely that you will break a titanium ring.

All of our titanium jewellery is made using Ta2 grade titanium which is classed as 98% to 99% pure, also known as "commercially pure titanium"

Titanium is completely hypoallergenic so anyone who has the slightest metal allergy would be able to wear a titanium ring without worry.

Many websites and retailers do advertise titanium as being scratch resistant. Although it will resist scratches in a similar way to platinum, the ring will still be scratched and dented in normal wear, just as a gold or platinum ring would.

Due to the strength to weight ration, titanium is commonly used in the Aerospace industry as well as in Formula 1 and high performance sports cars. You will also find titanium being used as medical implants due to its hypoallergenic properties.

Zirconia Ceramic

Zirconia Ceramic is a new hi-tech material that is widely used in Formula 1 and the aero space industry and is now making its way into jewellery. With its extreme strength and scratch resistant properties it is an ideal choice for men.

Zirconia Ceramic is created by heating Zirconium, a naturally occurring metal similar to titanium. The temperature of the zirconium is held at a very high heat for long periods, turning the zirconium into a hi-tech ceramic called zirconia.

Zirconia Ceramic Rings are more durable than zirconium rings which like titanium can scratch in normal wear. Zirconia Ceramic Rings are very scratch resistant and unless abused are unlikely to scratch in normal wear, in addition Zirconia Ceramic Rings are completely black throughout, should you scratch the ring you will not be presented with a different colour underneath which would be the case with both black zirconium and black tungsten.

Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is a material consisting of extremely thin fibres twisted together and then woven into a fabric which has a high strength to weight ratio making it a strong material for use in aerospace, military and motorsports.

Our carbon fibre inlays however are added to our range of titanium, tungsten and ceramic rings more as a decorative effect rather than strength. We have a wide range of colours available but black carbon fibre is the most popular colour.


We can set diamonds to the majority of our titanium rings as a special order; any diamonds supplied tend to be of a colour G - H and clarity SI - SI2. All diamonds used are brilliant cut round diamonds.
We guarantee that all diamonds used are legitimately sourced and comply with the Kimberley process.


We can set gemstones to our titanium rings as a special order. All gemstones are natural products but may have been enhanced in order to improve colour or clarity which is common practice with gemstones.


Any silver inlays fitted to any of our rings will be made of sterling silver (925) sterling silver is a precious metal that will scratch in wear and is not as hard as our titanium and tungsten rings. Silver can discolour and tarnish but can easily be polished using a silver polishing cloth to remove any tarnish. We do not recommend the use of a silver dip solution on our tungsten rings as the chemicals in the liquid can discolour the tungsten.

Brushed Rings

Our range of brushed rings have a fine brushed finish to them, on the tungsten carbide and zirconia ceramic rings this will look like small shallow grooves around the ring whilst the titanium rings will have more of a satin looking finish to them.

Polished Rings

Our polished finish is just that, a polished reflective surface that you will see your face and reflections in. Even our brushed rings tend to have a polished interior, as this feels smoother when wearing.

Court Rings

Court rings are the traditional wedding ring, both rounded inside as well as outside for a more comfortable fit.

Flat Rings

Our range of flat rings are completely flat on the outside, some may just have the corners taken off so that they are not as crisp on the edge. Flat rings do also tend to be flat on the inside as well; however we have made all of our flat rings slightly rounded inside like our court rings for that extra comfort fit.

Inlay Rings

Some of our rings have a channel lathed into the ring, this is so that we can inlay the ring with a decorative inlay which may be a sterling silver inlay, or one of our popular coloured carbon fibre inlays.


All of our jewellery will be marked with the metals used in manufacture as follows;

Tungsten Carbide Rings are marked with "Tungsten Carbide"

Tungsten Carbide & Silver Rings are marked with "Tungsten Carbide Silver (925) Inlay"

Zirconia Ceramic are marked with "Zirconia High-Tech Ceramic"

Titanium Bracelets are marked with "Titanium"

Materials Information